Do Thoughts Become Things?

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Very recently one of my readers brought up the challenging question, Are thoughts things, really?  He was debating if thoughts were really things and why he was not really buying into this concept.

I love it when someone asks a question or presents a challenge because it gives me the perfect food for thoughts for a post.  So, today I am going to try to answer the question for you.  Do thoughts can become things?

What are Thoughts in a Physical Sense?

Are thoughts real and can we truly see a thought? Well, if you had asked this question 200 years ago, people would have looked at you like you’re crazy.  Today, however, it’s a whole different game; not only we understand thoughts better, but we are able to see them through brain waves.  So, if you ever had any doubts that thoughts are physically real, just watch a video that shows you someone’s brain waves related to their thoughts.

For example, it has been shown that an athlete who is reliving his moves in his head is provoking the same brain waves as when he actually makes those moves physically.

So, there is no doubt that a thought can been “seen”, if not with the naked eye, through our brain waves.  As a matter of fact, scientists are now working on creating devices that can be controlled with the brain (thoughts) to allow someone who is physically handicapped.  Yes, that is real and that’s coming.

Our thoughts are very real indeed, and we are only touching the surface as far as understanding and using them to control physical objects.

Do your Thoughts Affect your Life?

Do our thoughts affect our lives in anyway?  Instead of giving you a simple yes or no let’s go deeper and see if our thoughts are affecting us at all.

When you look at people around you, you see people who look happy and healthy, you see people poor and miserable, you see people who have a strong personality and some who have a weak personality, etc.  The list goes on.

Whatever it is that you see when you look at someone is first and foremost coming from what they “think” of themselves.  To give you a simple and easy to understand example, a person with wealth doesn’t think about himself the same way as a person who is broke. Their brain waves, if you could see them, would be different, because the brain wave of a successful and positive thought is different than the brain waves of an anxious and negative one.

Their thoughts are different, their brain waves are different, and therefore, their demeanor and results are different.  This means that your thoughts can and will affect your life in the end.

My Own Scary Little Story of Thought Becoming Real Instantly

It happened just six years ago and it was darn scary, but real.

Just a weak prior I had a very insignificant enough car accident.  I just rear-ended another car.  While no one was hurt and the car of the person I ran into was barely damaged, mine was and needed some repair.  Since this accident happened at a very significant time period in my life, somehow, it shook me more than it should have.

Few days later I was picking up a rental car while my car was being repaired.  It was the first time I was driving the rental car after I left the shop.  I was approaching a red light while thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be bad if I had another accident with that car?  As the stop light turned green, I made a right turn and then was preparing to make a left turn into a shopping center parking lot.  All I can say is that I saw nothing, but I heard my car hitting something.  Out of nowhere, at a speed of about 10 MPH since I was coming from a stop position in order to making a left turn into a parking lot, and looking right where I should have which was right ahead of me to make sure no traffic was coming my way, I hit a car which I had absolutely not seen before.  I just heard boom!

This, my friends, I will never, ever forget it.  This was one of the most drastic proofs to myself that thoughts are things.  That day, I had absolutely no reason to hit that car, but few minutes before it happened I had a very strong thought that it would be quite terrible if I had another accident in that rental car. Well, I did.

This was from someone who had a life-long of excellent driving record with barely any incident at all. I had two car accidents in one week, and both my fault.  I know that this happened because in both cases my thoughts were very negative.  I was going so slow in both accidents that the cops who came to the scene never even gave me a single ticket.  Not the speed, not the other driver, not anything, except my own thoughts created those car accidents.  That is just a fact.

Why do I Know that my Negative Thought Provoked both Accidents?

During the first accidents a lot was going on in my head. I had lots of anxiety and a good doze of guilty feelings. I was a mess. I can still remember what I was thinking and feeling when I rear-ended that car.

For the second I was a mental wreck thinking and feeling how bad it would be to have another accident right now.   About 30 seconds later I hit a car at 10 miles an hour which in any other circumstances I would have had plenty of time to see. Yet, I never saw it.  Not even when I hit it. I remember hearing and feeling that I hit something, but I had no idea what it was.  It was like a strange dream, but the thing is that it was real.  It took me a few second to finally see what I had hit.

Can we Control of our Thoughts?

As Esther Hicks says it so well, we can’t control all of our thoughts, that’s impossible, but we can control our emotions and how we feel.  Our feelings tell us pretty much where we are with our thoughts.  If you feel bad, scared, nervous, anxious, angry or sad, it tells you that whatever you are thinking are negative thoughts.

Even if those negative thoughts are not going to create something as instant as it did in my case, it will not create anything positive either.  In the end, those thoughts will create your surroundings, so watching such thoughts and correcting them as you go will definitely be worthwhile.

Are Thoughts Things?

Well, let’s recapitulate what we talked about in a nut shell.

  • Thoughts can be seen and measured by the brain waves they create
  • Thoughts can be used to create devices controlled by them
  • Thoughts can create instant results or long time coming results, but they will create results
  • A thought is most likely to create it’s equivalent outcome
  • If you were to compare the brain waves of a positive and a negative thought you’d see that they are different.

According to such irrefutable proofs, I would say, thoughts are things.  But what would  you say? It’s you turn to tell the world what you think!



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