Is There Such Thing As Coincidences And Bad Luck?

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Do you think that there is such thing as coincidences, luck or lack thereof? Well, a lot of people do.

However, I am here to tell you that there is really no such thing as a true victim of coincidences or what people call bad luck.  Coincidences have in fact, a much deeper root that people just can’t see or don’t want to see.

Why do People Believe in Coincidences and Luck?

There are several reasons why people believe in coincidences and luck factor.  The first reason is that they don’t know any better because that’s what they’ve been told since childhood, and they have never tried to investigate if this was actually true or not.  The second reason is that they believe that some people might be special and do get better omens than others for whatever reasons.  And last, but not least, they have no clue about how the laws of the universe work, namely the law of attraction and other related universal laws.

Those are really the three main reasons why so many people do believe in coincidences and luck.  What about you?  Let’s see if we can eliminate each of those reasons one by one, and if I can help you see something you might have never seen before.

What you Were Taught from Generation after Generation

I don’t know about you, but I grew up being taught that some people seem to always fall into the right coincidences all the time, while others seem to be falling in bad ones all the time as well.  The education on the subject stopped right there, however.  Never was I ever told WHY this may be so.  It’s just the way it was.  Most of us as children will not question those things, and just take them and accept them as is (even though I personally didn’t after a while).  This is why many people who have been taught that there is such things as luck or lack thereof will just take it and never question it.

Are Some People Just Lucky?

To make matters worse, I bet you were also told that some people are just lucky.  Somehow, they might just be very special and everything they do turns out right.  On the other hand, you have those unfortunate individuals that were born under a bad star, somehow, and everything they touch turns into you know what!  If you grew up hearing this, chances are you are going to adopt and believe this concept until it becomes your own.

The Truth Behind Coincidences and Luck

Now there is something that not too many of us have been taught and it’s the law of reciprocity, the law of attraction and the world of energy and vibrations that we live in.  I don’t know about you, but I know that I was never taught about these at all.  If you go back only twenty years ago those things where known to only a small  group of people.   Thankfully, today, because of the avalanche of information that’s available to us, more and more people are becoming aware and looking for answers to such questions.

What the law of reciprocity and attraction say, in a nutshell, is that what you send out is what will get back to you.  If you wanted to put a picture to it, you could compare it to a boomerang. No matter where you are going to stand when you throw that boomerang it will get back to you at the same force you’ve sent it, no matter what.  You’ve been doing this your all life.

Understanding Energy and Vibrations

Everything you see around you is energy. Everything. The only difference between us humans, a tree, or the chair that you are stetting on is that it’s energy at a different frequency.  You can’t see energy, but it does exist.

Sound is energy too, and some sounds exist at a level of energy that it’s not perceivable to human ears, but dogs and cats, for example, can hear it.  This is a good proof that it’s not because we can’t hear a sound it doesn’t exist.

The energy that attract or repulse two magnets can’t be seen literally, but it’s there as it obviously pulls or pushes the two magnets.

If everything is energy, that includes thoughts.  Yes, thoughts are energy too, and they do tend to act like a magnet.  People who have chronic negative thinking tend to have chronic negative experiences in life. And that includes anything and everything; who they meet, what jobs they get, how the job will turn out for them, the partner they will end up in marriage with, and their overall success or lack thereof.  The problem is that those people will spend their whole life noticing the results of their overall thought process, but never realizing that all the negative that happens to them, really started with them.  Believe me, I know, it’s tough to admit.

Then, what people do is look at someone else who has a lot of positive things happening to them and they call them lucky.  The truth is that this person works on a 180° totally different type of energy.  They tend to think positive on a regular basis and take the appropriate actions that overall positive thinking tends to guide them to take.  Truth be told, there are not lucky at all, they are just using the powerful energy of the universe for their own good.  That’s what makes them “look lucky” to some people.

How do you Create your Own Reality?

This is why there is no such thing as good coincidences and luck. Bad coincidences and bad luck are just the results of what type of energy you’ve been sending out through your thoughts and overall feelings and emotions that thoughts induce (even if you are totally unaware of it). If, unfortunately, such energy was of a negative nature, chances are that you will run into negative coincidences and “bad luck”.  If on the other hand, you’ve sent out good energy with your thoughts and words, chances are that positive coincidences and “luck” will be yours.

Once you’ve become aware of this simple universal truth, you’re all outlook and results in life and business will change for the best.  You will finally come to understand that you can create your reality.

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