Letting Go Of Negative Emotions – Easier Said Than Done?

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Letting go of negative emotions is probably one of the hardest thing to do.  As humans, we tend to hold on to negative emotions such as hate, anger, revenge, grudge, and so forth.  Since so many of us tend to nurture such negative emotions, I thought that it would be a good idea to name and explain three of the most destructive emotion there is and how you can get rid of them forever.


Hate is a very negative emotion.  People in general tend to believe that hate is the opposite of love, but hate is not the opposite of love.  Do you necessarily hate what you don’t love? Of course, not!  The opposite of love is indifference.

Need an example? Let’s say that I do not LOVE children, does that mean that I hate them?  Heck no!  I am just not the type of woman who wants to have a child so much that I would go around the world to look for the best fertilization doctor.  Or I just think that children are small people with loving or not so loving personalities just like adults – that doesn’t make me hate them in any way, shape or form.

You see, hate is not the opposite of love.  Hate is a very negative emotion and it’s a destructive one.  Hate is not the result of not loving something.  Hate is the result of deep resentment that can be the result of jealousy, anger or other negative feelings and emotions.

How Can you Get Rid of Hate?

If you feel that you hate someone, first go to the source of your hate and find out the real reason why you hate that person.  Most likely, you will find out that what you hate is not the “person” itself, but what that person did.

Once you come to that realization, just for a moment, transfer that hate from the person to the “act” that such person did.  Once you’ve done this correctly, you will realize that it doesn’t make any sense to hate an action or a thing.  Such realization will help you see your “hate” as being ridiculous and useless and it will help you to let it go forever.

Those that mean that it’s easy to do? No, it’s not, but it’s a way out of hate.  It’s a way to be able to rationalize and see that hate from another point of view.  So, instead of hate being in control of YOU, you are in control of that hate emotion.


Anger is a very negative and dangerous emotion.  Anger is a feeling that many people keep inside and which turns into depression if not released.  In many cases, depression is anger inward.  In some cases, when anger is not dealt with properly it can explode in disastrous ways.

We can develop anger when we feel that we have not been dealt with fairly, when we feel that we have been cheated, disrespected, stolen from, lied to, etc…   There are so many difference reasons why we can develop anger, that this page wouldn’t be long enough to name them all.

How Can you Get Rid of Anger?

You need to remember that anger affects ONLY the one who is angry, not the one you are angry with.  When you are angry with someone, they do not feel anything.  Most of the time they are not even aware of it.  The only one who is affected by such anger is the angry person.

When you are angry with someone, write it down and burn it, or shout it all out in your living room, transform it into energy to at the gym, knock down a punching bowl, etc…  Such actions will help you take  that anger out of you instead of keeping it inside which is the last thing you want to do.

If you are angry with someone you can also write them a letter explaining the why you are so angry with them.  You can send them that letter or you can just burn it.  Either way this will help you release and let go of that anger.  Once you’ve let it go, let it go forever. Do not come back to it.  If you feel that it wants to come back, do the process all over again until it’s totally gone.


Revenge is wanting to give back in the most possible negative way. People have revengeful feelings when something bad was done to them.  They want to do something bad in return to the person who wronged them in some way.  Revenge is a very negative emotion, indeed!

Revenge is also a very dangerous emotion because it’s using the laws of the universe for the worst possible outcome.  Why is that?  The laws of the universe work to give back multiple-fold what you send out.  When you send out revengeful thoughts or actions it’s coming back to you hundredfold.  According to the laws of the universe, you cannot be successful while having revenge thoughts or act on it. That’s just impossible.

How Can you Get Rid of Revenge Feelings?

When you take revengeful actions you are getting bad feedbacks.  No good deeds can come back your way went you take revenge, because it’s the law.

On the other hand, forgiveness and letting go does bring peace of mind, and peace of mind is a priceless  thing to have. But how can you go from feelings of revenge to peace of mind?

Visualize your feelings of revenge as something very dangerous, like a very deep pit hole.  At the bottom of that pit hole there is the person you want to take revenge against.  However, you know that in order to take your revenge you need to jump down that pit hole, but if you do you will hurt yourself very badly, even die, maybe.  So, what do you do?

Unless you are completely crazy or suicidal, you will run as far away from that pit hole as you can, and you will forget about trying to take revenge.  You will never even want to think about that pit hole ever again.

This is just an example, but this is what you might need to do if you have strong feelings of revenge.  See a big DANGER sign on it and keep off.  This will subside your revengeful desires at bay and most of all help you to move on. Revenge is a very dangerous dark pit hole, and no one should be willing to jump in it.

So, that’s your turn now.  Do you have a great methods to get rid of bad emotions? Have you or are you still suffering from such emotions?





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