What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?

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What is spirituality? Do you see yourself as a spiritual person?  Are you yearning for more spirituality in your life? Would you like to be more spiritual? And what are the benefits of spirituality in the first place anyway?

I have said this several times before in previous posts on this blog, but at the risk of sounding redundant, I will say it again; being religious and being spiritual are two different things, even though the word “spiritual” or “spirituality” is often linked to religion.

I think that religion is more the outer side of spirituality as for true spirituality is an inner phenomenon.

This means that you can be religious and spiritual, but you could be religious and NOT spiritual.

When I say that I can’t help but thinking of all the people I’ve encountered throughout my life which were religious, but absolutely lacking in spirituality.

In this post I wanted to help you understand what being spiritual really means, try to define what is a spiritual person is, how you can improve your spirituality if you wish to do so, and discuss why spirituality is beneficial for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you might want to ask me what type of authority am I to talk about spirituality and define it?

To such questions I would answer that I am NOT an authority, but I do have put in lots and lots of hours studying and applying methods that are meant to increase spiritual awareness.

With spiritual awareness you get clearer about yourself and the world around you.  Once you get clearer in your mind because of an increased spirituality, and have a blog such as this one, you can’t help but share your experience.

As a coach, developing my spirituality, helps me to better be able to help others in areas they need help with.

What Does Being Spiritual Really Mean?

Being spiritual means to have an attraction, an attachment as well as an understanding to the things that are above and beyond our physical body, and physical needs.  Spirituality is also an increased revelation of who we are and where we’re going.  In a word, spirituality is enlightenment.

Spirituality is also something easier felt than explained, but I am going to try to do my best to explain it in writing in this article.

Whatever your level of spirituality may be, I’m sure that you know that there is more than meets the eyes in this universe of ours.  There is a Higher Force, a Higher Being, a Higher Spirit that, whether you want it or not, you can’t ignore.

To me a spiritual person is someone who will try to learn about and tap into known and tested concepts that are able to bring them more peace, more understanding, more self growth and ultimately more wholeness into their life – more spirituality.

Just the same way as you would develop more muscles if you went to the gym regularly, you will become more spiritual if you’d practice spiritual exercises on a regular basis.  Such exercises include, meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, EFT, Chakra controlling your thoughts, controlling your feelings, learning how to read people’s vibrations, etc.

Do you See Yourself as a Spiritual Person?

Who is spiritual?

Everybody is spiritual.  As beings we are partly physical and partly spiritual, but humans are not the only spiritual beings.

Animals are spiritual too.  That’s why they can feel people and even spirits.  More often than not way easier than people do.  They’s why your cat or dog knows that you are on your way home way before you get even close to that entrance door.

I know that when my mother was in my house she could tell I was on my way home by observing my cats getting ready to greet me while I wasn’t in sight yet.  All of these belongs to the spiritual world.

As human beings, we all have proofs of our spiritual make up at least once in a while.  The sad thing, though, is that many people don’t pay attention to them, and they focus more on their “physical” self rather than “spiritual” self.

Some people have buried their spiritual-self so deep that they act more like wild animals than human beings. There are totally remote from their spiritual-self.  However, that doesn’t mean that they can never become spiritual individuals if they decided to shift their focus by using some of the methods mentioned above.

Are you Yearning for more Spirituality?

Yearning to be more spiritual is a natural feeling.  We should all be yearning to be more spirituality, and I would say that it’s a natural progression in our lives as humans.  Of course, some people are more inclined to spirituality than others, but we ALL can make the decision to work on our spirituality just the same as we can make the decision to go work out.

I think that because spirituality is so much part of us that we are lacking something when we concentrate and focus too much on material things and everyday mundane way of life.

I think that developing more spirituality, more of our higher self; can help us to live more balanced and happy lives.  In other words, we need to develop our spirituality if we want to feel better about ourselves and about others.

Yearning for more spirituality is a natural progression for those who want more understanding about life.

What are the Benefits of Spirituality?

Well, that’s a great question isn’t it? One that could be answered in many different ways.  As a matter of fact, you could answer this question yourself in the comment area, to share your thoughts on that with the readers of this blog.  But this is how I would answer it as far as I am concerned.

Spirituality Keeps you Grounded

The more spiritual you are the less you will be bothered by trivial things. I can see this for myself.  Today, I couldn’t be bothered or annoyed by things that really bothered me in the past.

As you become more spiritual you priorities change, you become more whole as a person.  What really matters are the important things in your life.

Spirituality Gives you Peace of Mind

The more spiritual you become the more peace of mind you will have.  Spirituality is also linked to faith, and faith gives you peace of mind about a lot of things.  The more spiritual you become the more peaceful you will be.

Spirituality Gives you Understanding   

The more spiritual you become the more understanding you have about yourself, the world, the universe, God, and people.  This is probably the hardest part of spirituality that can’t be explained, because it can be felt much more than it can be put into words.

Spirituality Reveals you Secrets     

This is one of my favorite parts of spirituality. It reveals you secrets that you would have never known about yourself and about others.  This part of my spirituality talks to me best when I mediate or when I dream.  I wake up from a dream that reveals something to me about myself or about someone else, and I have no doubt what so ever that this is actually so.

On day I was revealed in a dream that my then fiancée was sexually abused as a child.  Like I said, it’s hard to explain those things. Why I knew it wasn’t just a dream? I can’t explain, but I can tell you that I knew. And yes, it was true.    

Some types of revelations have happened to me during meditation as well.  This is a gift form spirituality.

Spirituality makes you a Better Person

Because spirituality makes you grow not only as a person, but as a being, it makes you a better person.

Because you are more grounded, have more peace of mind, understand the world around you better and become so much clearer as you raise your vibration and energy, your whole persona become more.

Because of all these things and more, spirituality makes you a better person.

 I hope you didn’t skip some important part of this post, and can enjoy more spirituality in your life.  As always, let us know what you’re thinking down below.

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