Why Being Closed-Minded Won’t Serve You Well And How Can You Tell?

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Do you see yourself as a close-minded person?  The only challenge that comes along with that question is that most close-minded people won’t admit it or are not even aware that they are.

I can tell you one thing, though, if you are even reading this article, you might not be too much of a close-minded person, and that’s a start.

However, you could be close-minded in some areas you may not be aware of, because, frankly, it’s not something always easy to spot.

In this article, I wanted to attempt to describe what being close-minded means, why it doesn’t serve you, and how to become more open- minded.

What does Close-Minded Really Mean?

According to a dictionary this is the definition of closed-minded: “Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas”.

According to this definition close-minded means two main things “intolerant” and “unreceptive”.  As you probably know or have guessed by now, this blog is a “personal development” blog that is trying to teach about improvement, success, wealth and overall wellbeing and happiness.

So, now the first question that I would be asking YOU if you were right here sitting in front of me is this; do you think that being “intolerance” and/or “unreceptive” would affect your improvement, success, wealth and happiness in a negative way?  If you were honest with yourself you would probably answer, yes, right?

In a few words, we could say that being close-minded doesn’t serve us for the very reason that, somehow, it prevents us from getting new information that could help us move forward in life for more success, more wealth and more happiness.

Close-minded people tend to live and die without being able to make any type of significant changes in their lives.  We all know people like that, don’t we?  If you have any doubt about this, look around you and try to think about some close minded individuals that you may know.  How much do they going on for them?

What Defines a Close-Minded Person?

There are quite a few definitions that would apply to a closed minded person, but here are some of the most common.

  • A close minded person has hard time to accept responsibility
  • A close minded person tend to be a finger pointer
  • A close minded person has a hard time to admit that they are wrong
  • A close minded person tends to disagree a lot
  • A close minded person tends to feel victimized
  • A close minded person tends to criticize a lot
  • A close minded person tends to be self-centered

In this post today, however, I wanted to concentrate on the not accepting responsibility and finger pointing, and how to turn this around if you are affected by such.

Learn How to Blame YOU for Everything that Happens to you

I know this one is a VERY hard one to swallow for some people, and maybe you want to click out of here right now, because God knows how much you’re not responsible for what’s happened to you!

The only problem with that is that it would forever classify you as a close minded person.

One of the most revealing things that I’ve learned in my personal development journey was something Dr Hew Len Ho’oponopono teaches.  Dr Ho’oponopono is a wise man from Hawaii who teaches ancient Hawaii healing methods using the subconscious mind and the inner person. He is famous for having helped dangerous criminals in prisons for becoming totally transformed.  In other words, he helped transform wolves into lambs.

There’s a free download here to learn more about Dr Ho’oponopono’s teaching (not affiliate link)

One of the main teachings that Dr Ho’oponopono teaches all over his seminars is this: EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE IS BECAUSE OF YOU.  IT’S NEVER OTHERS.  Of course that goes for every single one of us.

Now, how would a closed-minded person might react to this? They might say that’s BS, I don’t believe this. Well, that’s fine, but, heck, do you see who is teaching you this? A guy who is responsible for the turnaround of some of the worst criminals on the planet!  Now, wouldn’t you at least want to be open minded for just about 10 minutes and hear him out?

That’s exactly what an opened minded person would do.

When I started looking at me life and started understanding that anything that has ever happened to me was nobody’s business but mine – meaning it’s all my own doing, even if subconscious for the most part – it was totally liberating and revealing.

My own open-minded analysis of this is that it’s true.

If you have a problem with this, could it be a sign that you are close-minded?  I’ll let you answer this question for yourself and would love to hear what you have to say down below in the comment area.

Learn How to Point the Finger at Yourself

Now that’s a tough one and by now, you might want to shut this article down completely. But if you did, that would make you a very close-minded person, wouldst it?

Now, since you’ve read up to here you might as well keep going to the end.

Now, I want you to do a very empowering exercise for me.  I want you to think about all the people you want to finger point for about two minutes.

OK.  Good.

Now, imagine that finger of yours pointing to all those people and turn it around towards you.   I promise this is not a wrist exercise. No. It’s a mind exercise. One that while not easy to do, I admit, will be in the end totally liberating.

You see, accepting responsibilities and pointing the finger at YOU is very empowering and liberating, because if you are responsible for the things that you don’t like and don’t want in your life, you CAN also be responsible for all that you DO like and Do Want.

Yes, there is a very positive side of this.  It works both ways.

Being totally responsible for your life will help you see everything differently.  It will help you turn around things that you thought were unshakable, unmovable, and domed.  It will open your mind and eyes and you will be able to SEE all the possibilities out there.

Whether you want to admit it or be closed-minded about it, you are ultimately responsible for you success, wealth, and happiness or the lack of it.

OK, you’re turn now, please, give us your feedbacks and input.

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